Park Rules & Regulations

Millennium Park is a place for you and your family. We ask that everyone enjoys the Millennium Park experience. Please follow these rules and regulations to make it enjoyable for all.

  • Drinks containing alcohol Millennium Park is a restricted area that allows beer and wine.
    • Memorial Day Weekend, June 15 – October 31
    • Open shelter reservations available from May 1 to October 31
    • All alcohol is prohibited on the beach.
  • General rules
    • No selling of merchandise
    • There are no mechanical or other concessions
    • It is against the law to carry concealed weapons or firearms.
    • Camp stoves and fireplaces are not permitted.
    • Gambling and other gambling devices are prohibited
    • All pets must be kept on a leash – no more than 6 feet in length
    • Horses and ponies are not allowed
    • No drinking or rowdiness
    • No trapping or hunting
    • Signs are not permitted
    • Mountain bikes cannot be used on paved trails.
    • ATVs are not permitted
    • All refuse should be placed in trash cans
    • All picnic tables and other furniture should be kept in open or enclosed shelters
    • There are no amusements such as space walks, dunk tanks, or spacewalks.

People who destroy trees, plants or signs, as well as buildings, structures, equipment, or signage, will be prosecuted to their full extent.