1. Cloud Gate

Cloud Gate is a three-story reflective statue by Anish Kaoor, in Britain. It is the centrepiece of AT&T Plaza Millennium Park.

The mirrored city skyline, also known as “The Bean”, is made of 168 plates of stainless steel, which are then joined together. The polished exterior shows no visible seams. This is due in large part to the thousands and thousands of hours spent polishing.

It’s a stunning reflection you can see when you walk under or around it.

2. Crown Fountain

Jaume Plensa, an artist from Spain, designed the Crown Fountain. It’s a waterfall featuring faces. It’s made of a black-granite reflecting swimming pool that is set between two transparent, glass brick towers.

The towers reach 50 feet (15m) and feature light-emitting devices (LEDs), hidden behind bricks. As a memorial, the towers feature rotating animated images made by 1000 Chicagoans.

The images of the towers are visible throughout the year. The water is only turned off when it is clear, however, from mid spring to mid fall.

3. BP Bridge

Frank Gehry designed BP Bridge, a snake-like bridge that spans 935 feet between Millennium Park and Maggie Daley Park. The bridge’s height affords great views of surrounding areas.

The bridge’s outside portion is made out of brushed stainless. It conforms to highway standards and can bear a substantial load to support pedestrians who exit Pavilion events.

  1. Pritzker Pavilion

Jay Pritzker Pavilion stands at the center of Millennium Park. The pavilion can hold 11,000. It boasts a stateofthe-art sound system. This mimics the acoustics in concert halls.

An audio system that transmits sound at a much faster rate than air can be called the “creme de la creme” of sound systems.

  1. Millennium Monument

The Wrigley Square in the northwest corner Millennium Park houses the peristyle. It consists of 12 pairs of 40-foot columns made from Indiana limestone. The columns are well arranged in a semicircle and have a fountain directly in front.

This monument is a tribute to the Millennium Park’s foundation, corporate or individual donor.