Tip 1 – Wear the right shoes

Flip flops are very popular in summertime. They can be worn for casual events as well as everyday wear. You will have a better summer music festival experience if you choose your favorite tennis shoes.

You could be stepped on at music festivals. It is worth considering what could be on the ground that might cause you to trip. Tennis shoes are best for protecting your feet during the festival.

Tip 2 – Bring the T.P.

Toilet paper will not always be provided in the bathrooms. Some people move faster than staff can keep up with, so make sure to have some toilet paper handy. It’s terrible to go to the toilet and realize there’s no paper. But if you’re prepared you won’t have that problem.

Tip 3: Keep some hand sanitizer and wet wipes on you.

You will find some hand sanitizer or wet wipes useful after a few trips to the public bathroom. You’ll share a bathroom with many people who have drunk a lot. You’ll feel better and more likely to enjoy the music if you have something to wipe your feet with.

Tip 4: Light Fleece blankets make great accessories

When you’re sitting on the lawn, a light fleece blanket will be perfect. The blanket can be spread out so you can relax or you can carry it around in your bag. How do you dress once you arrive at your destination?

Tip 5: Mix your alcohol…with water

It’s common for adults to drink beer while at a music festival. Mix it up with water to counter the alcohol. While you can still enjoy some of your favorite adult beverages it is important to stay hydrated. You’ll be tired long before the main event hits the stage if you don’t have enough water.

Tip 6 – Know the Schedule

You should take the time to learn about the festival’s schedule. There might be some downtime, when you don’t want to see a particular band on stage. If that’s the case, you might need to take a break. After all, it can be exhausting sitting in the sun and you want to save energy for your favorite bands.

Knowing the timetable will help you plan for occasional rest periods throughout your day. You can’t sleep when there is a festival going on.

Tip 7: Earplugs

If you don’t like the music, bring your earplugs and enjoy a quiet moment on the lawn. This will allow you to recharge. Make sure you wake up at the right time with your friends to catch the next act.

The music festival is a great place to have fun. Make sure to pack a few essentials and plan your stay to make your next summer music festival memorable.