The third-most populous US city, Chicago is the perfect time to book a hotel room and explore this beautiful city. It has a rich history. Established as a city in 1837 it quickly grew to be the fourth-largest gross domestic product in the United States and home to the second busiest international airport. If you are tired of museums and galleries, but still want to get a true taste of the city’s culture, then why not explore the vibrant music scene? There is a wide variety of music available in Chicago, from small jazz bands at the top Chicago hotels to big orchestras playing in fancy venues. It has something for everyone.

Blues and jazz

The richer African Americans who moved north to this city were able to bring with them their unique blend of blues and jazz music. Blues music here is distinguished by its heavy bass and extensive selection of notes. This is a departure from the six-chord blues that is common elsewhere. Poor black immigrants from the South influenced the blues scene. Today, you can book into the Chicago Blues Festival in June. It is truly the best of all the best. The hotel rooms in Chicago sell quickly so book early if you want to be there.

The Jazz Festival, which takes place at the end August and continues into September, is for you if you prefer smoother sounds. Jazz is a strong tradition in the city, and this is linked to the migration from southern African Americans. It is easy to distinguish between jazz from New Orleans and the Windy City by the emphasis on guitar and string bass.

Orchestral music

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra is often regarded as one of the most outstanding orchestras in the world. This amazing experience is available when you book into the top Chicago hotels. Orchestra Hall is home to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, one of five American orchestras known as the “big five”. This outstanding orchestra, which was founded in 1891, gave its first concert. It is also one of the oldest American orchestras. You can buy a recording of the orchestra’s music on CSO Resound, their own record label. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra is the first to offer a training orchestra known as the Chicago Civic Orchestra.